Air Cooled Chilling Plant

Made from best available compressor, our Air Cooled Chilling Plant is constructed with quality components. Durable, dependable and compatible in nature, it is fully-integrated, turnkey cooling systems. Fully-wired & charged, and tested under load conditions to ensure easy installation and successful start-up, our manufactured Air Cooled Chilled Plant is manufactured with non-ferrous material to ensure a corrosion-free environment. Being compact in size it is ideal for environment where physical space is at prime concern, or for small-scale process cooling applications in the plastics, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and metal finishing industries. 

Other Salient Features : 
• Imported / Indigenous Compressor
• Imported Refrigeration Controls
• Air Cooled Condenser
• S.S. Tank insulated with PUF
• Electric Control Panel
• Pipe Section Body
• Mobile & Compact